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Patch Cord Cat 6 CM UTP Stranded Round Molded Patch Cord Cable

§ PRODUCT FACT A patch cord (patch lead or patch cable) is a length of electrical (or optical) cable with a plug on one or both ends, typically refer only to short cords used with patch panels. Devices of different types (i.e.: a switch connected to a computer or a switch to a router) are connected with patch cords. Patch cords are usually produced in many different colors so as to be easily distinguishable, and are relatively short, perhaps no longer than 3 meters.   Patch cords can be as short as 0.1 meters, to connect stacked components, or as long as 20 meters or more in length for snake cables. As length increases, the cables are usually thicker and/or made with more shielding, to prevent signal loss(attenuation) and the introduction of unwanted radio frequencies and hum (electromagnetic interference or EMI, also called radio frequency interference or RFI).     Color Option: Black, Blue, Green, Grey, Orange, Red, White and Yellow. Note: Custom configurations (i.e.: Length, LSZH, Solid, Pigtail, Cross-Over) available upon request.     § FEATURE -Patented -100% factory tested and certified -Suitable for Ultra High-Density environment ex. 1U48P Patch Panel, Rack System... -Multiple colors available for easy identification -50u” gold plated Modular Plugs -Supports 1000BASE-T & 10GBASE-T Ethernet -Meets Cat 6(A) component specifications TIA-568-C.2       § SPECIFICATION -Lead-free & RoHS compliant. -Meet the ANSI/TIA-568-C.2, ISO/IEC 11801 2nd edition and CENELEC EN 50173-1 standard. -Comply with requirements of ANSI/TIA–1096-A (FCC Part 68) and Level A reliability requirements of IEC 60603-7 for RJ45 8-way connector.       § ELECTRICAL -Voltage proof: 1000V DC or AC peak, contact-to-contact. -Current-carrying capacity: 0.75Amps minimum -Contact resistance: 20mΩ maximum -Insulation resistance: 500MΩ minimum at 100V DC -Input to output resistance: 200mΩ maximum -DC resistance: 0.2ohm maximum       § MECHANICAL -Mechanical operation: 750 cycles minimum for insertion / withdrawal with modular jack -Effectiveness of connector coupling devices: 50N (11lbf) for 60s ± 5s. -Insertion and withdrawal forces: 30N maximum       § ENVIRONMENTAL Temperature: -10℃~ 60℃ Humidity: 10% ~ 90%RH     § ORDERING INFORMATION  ITEM NO.  DESCRIPTION  UU01MT6A  Cat 6A U/UTP Stranded Round Patch Cord, CM, Molded, 1m  UU01MT6  Cat 6 U/UTP Stranded Round Patch Cord, CM, Molded, 1m  UU01MT5e  Cat 5e U/UTP Stranded Round Patch Cord, CM, Molded, 1m  

Keystone Coupler RJ45 Cat 6A 180 Degree UTP Straight Keystone Coupler

§ PRODUCT FACTS The keystone coupler is designed for quick installations. It’s easy to snap into the outlets and patch panels. When requirements are changed, simply disconnect the patch cord and snap out the unneeded keystone coupler. Then snap is a new one and connect the patch cord.         § SPECIFICATION   1.  REACH & RoHS2 compliant.   2. Meets the ANSI/TIA-568-C.2 transmission requirements for Augmented Category 6       Channel and Permanent Link.   3. Meets Amendment 1 to ISO/IEC 11801 2nd edition and CENELEC EN 50173-1       transmission requirements for Augmented Class E Channel and Permanent Link.   4. Meets ANSI/TIA-1096-A (FCC Part 68) and IEC 60603-7-5 requirements for RJ45       8-way connector.   5.  Meets UL-1863 Safety Standard.   6.  Fully automatic production of PCB assembly to ensure production consistency.           § ORDERING INFORMATION  PART NO.  DESCRIPTION  3013AJXQF6A  180 Degree Cat6A Unshielded Straight Keystone Coupler  3013AJXQF6  180 Degree Cat6 Unshielded Straight Keystone Coupler  3013AJXQF5e  180 Degree Cat65e Unshielded Straight Keystone Coupler    

1U 24-Port UTP Modular Patch Panel

§ BP24EQ SERIES BP24EQ Series 1U 24-Port unshielded modular type patch panel utilizes quad frame modules offered with 8-contact inserts wired to Insulation Displacement Connectors (IDC). It offers the convenience of allowing technicians to quickly change the path of select signals     § FEATURE -Lead-free & RoHS compliant, certified by TUV. -Meet the ANSI/TIA-568-C.2, ISO/IEC 11801 2nd edition and CENELEC EN 50173-1 cabling requirements for Category 6 performance. -Comply with requirements of ANSI/TIA-1096-A (FCC Part 68) and reliability requirements of IEC 60603-7 -series for RJ45 8-way connector.       § ORDERING INFORMATION  PART NO.  DESCRIPTION BP24EQF6 1U 24P Cat 6 Unshielded Patch Panel, Dual IDC, Black Cable Manager BP24EQF5e 1U 24P Cat 5e Unshielded Patch Panel, DualIDC, Black Cable Manager

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